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Factory information

 We do from acceptance of materials, defrost, heat-treatment to packaging and management under the thoroughgoing sanitary and quality control, and offer the fresh great products to the customers.

HACCP acquisition


 HACCP is the sanitary management system that analyzes the harm (medicine, alien substances, bacteria pollution, etc.), sets the control points and monitors them in order to raise the safety.

Ozone system

Ozone system

 The water blew with discharged ozone from the air (oxygen) by special electric-discharge tube and done into the super-minute air bubble state is called "ozonic water". Ozone has a nature that gives one of three oxygen atoms to other substances and tries to become O2 which is usual oxygen in the air. Because of this nature, ozone has the strong oxidization. Therefore ozone has sterilizing, syringing and deodorizing properties.

Bacterial check

Bacterial checkBacterial check
Bacterial check (general bacteria・ E.Coil/ colon bacillus form group)

 Our company is putting a bacterial check into effect. A thoroughgoing system is being arranged for sanity management.

Proton freezer

 Usuful freezer is a remarkable freezer which is a hybrid of uniform magnetic flux density, electromagnetic wave and cold blast. The reason to use the freezer is to give the effect to the ice nucleation generation when water become ice and create many cores to disturb the growth of ice crystals. Thanks to this, the destructions of a food cell are prevented and the drip amount is reduced.

BU-R150 The freeze ability Official 150kg/h.

Low-temperature QUICK FREEZER

 Low-temperature QUICK FREEZER.has been completed on October, 2015.

Low-temperature QUICK FREEZER.

Frozen Octpus Slice Manufacturing process

Frozen Octpus Slice  Manufacturing process

Yellowtail filet Manufacturing process

Yellowtail filet  Manufacturing process