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Privacy policy basic idea

Privacy policy basic idea

 Hatayama Fish Processing Ltd. recognizes the obligation heavily to all the personal information including employees, clients and suppliers, and establishes a policy for protecting the personal information and carry out.

Privacy policy

 Hatayama Fish Processing Ltd. protects the personal information of customers, clients and employees, obeys the laws and privacy policy that our company provides, set the following privacy policy and make an effort toward protection of personal information and management.

1. About personal information acquisition

We will acquire personal information with using the clear and legitimate means for the acquisition and the purpose.

2. About the purpose of the usage of personal information

Occasionally, we ask customers their personal information such as their names, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses and occupations through an interview with our operators or our website, etc. to use them for the following purposes. When we use or provide the personal information, we use or provide it only in the range we offer beforehand, and when the purpose of usage exceeds the range, we ask the personal agreement except there are laws or regulations.
・ Business cards, postcards, print productions such as producer stickers
・ Print out and treatment of direct mails
・ In addition, processing of personal information, print out, and works matter of shipping
・ To answer questions from customers
・ To analyze customers' answers on questionnaires, take them into our company, and reflect them to our services
・ To inform business information, order descriptions, and payments to our customers and representatives
・ To manage employment information of our employees, retired employees, and notifications of employment

3. About the third person offer of personal information

Without getting agreements from our customers, we do not give their personal information to the third person.

4. About obeying related laws of personal information and the guideline that Japan sets or other rules

We always keep the contents of related laws of personal information and the guideline that Japan sets or other rules in the latest states and obey them with the whole company.

5. About security measures of personal information

1)We keep the personal information in the latest state in the range of the purposes of the usage, build proper security measures and take safety control measure and correction disposal to prevent leaks, losses, damages and hackings, etc. of the personal information we received from customers.
2)When we commit the treatments of the personal information to the others, we select them carefully, supervise them appropriately with defining their obligations and responsibilities clear by contracts so that the personal information is managed safely.

6. About inquiry about privacy policy and a complaint

We install a desk for complaints and inquiry, and handle sincerely promptly.

*The policy is being published on our website based on the laws, the guideline Japan sets and other rules. The policy is changed suitably to reflects our technological improvement on our safety control. We will announce the changed contents officially on our website. In this website, terminology of "personal information" etc. is being used with a definition in personal information protection law.

Day of establishment : 2013.8.30

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